The Rave Archive is a collection of rave tapes, radio shows and tapepacks from the late 80’s, early 90’s and beyond.


This is not done for personal gain but to share the vibes with people who may have missed out and who may have lost certain tapes over the years. These sets are currently being shared on Facebook & Twitter with the facebook timeline being the most effective way of me getting them to you. Just select the year and see what events happened back then.

The download links on this site can be used to stream the sets to your mobile device.


Rave Archive was featured on Uncle Dugs #runcomefollowfriday show on www.Rinse.FM 106.8 London in December 2011 where a selection of sets we’re played on the show which can be listened to or downloaded from here.


Raindance(jenkins lane), A.W.O.L., Telepathy, World Dance, Club Elevation, Electrybe, Future Myth, Vision, Dance Fest, Life Utopia, Moondance, Orange, Reincarnation, Shellys, Desire UK & Germany, One Nation, Back To 92/93/94/95, Universe, Labrynth(Dalston Lane), Rush, Ravelation, Roast, Innovation, Son Of Dance, Pure Science, Stush, Jungle Fever, Thunder & Joy, Heat, Hysteria & Pure X, Heat Vs Fever, Kool Skool, Detonate, Dance Paradise, Destiny, Interdance, Jungle Splash, Innersense, United Dance, Voodoo Magic, Jungle Mania, Slammin’ Vinyl, Best of British, Breakology, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, United Dance, Battle of the MC’s, Breaking Science, Global Gathering, Exodus, Hardcore Hellraiser, Creation, Roller Express Lydd, Tasco Warehouse, 4 Aces Dalston Lane, Island Ilford, Club U.N, Sanctuary & Rollers, The Rocket, Astoria, Collisium, Hastings Pier, Camden Palace, Sobell Leisure Centre, Pleasure Rooms and the rest…. Been there done that!


Fantasy FM/Unity FM/Centreforce FM/Dream FM/Key FM/Sunrise FM/Sunset FM/Kool FM

Hardcore, Anthems, Old skool Jungle, Drum and Bass.


If any promoters, Radio people, Dj’s, Mc’s or anyone else I have not spoken to has a problem with this please let me know and I will not post any of your sets on the page or app.


If you are doing events then you can use these to show people what they are missing. With over 14,000 set’s, this is without a doubt the biggest collection of old skool rave & radio sets on the web.


Thanks for your support.

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